Meet Dr. Hold

Dr. Brian G. Hold is a California native raised in the Silicon Valley. One of seven children, he was taught a hard work ethic and began earning his own income from the age of 10 on a paper route which lead him to save up for later events in his teen years that would take him around the world.

He was involved in competitive swimming from a young age and began his love of bicycle racing which he was chosen to participate in the Jr. Olympics where he raced through 15 countries in Europe in 1975. He was an Eagle Scout where he learned his passion for the outdoors. After serving in the Marine Corp, he used his outdoor skills to take a 6 month long hike alone thru the Sierra’s beginning from the Mexico border to Oregon. If anyone knows survival skills for the wilderness, it is Dr. Hold.

After his hiking adventure, he began his successful 25 yr career in electronics where he was able to travel the world once again and also had the privilege of teaching at the Jau Taung University in Shanghai, China. Deciding that it was time to change careers he chose to follow a path that he had pondered many years ago, becoming a Chiropractor.

Dr Hold attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic West in his hometown of San Jose, California. During his time there, he was able to head up the Evidenced Based Club where he obtained even further education. Upon graduation, there was no question in his mind where he wanted to call home and that was in Indiana.

Dr Hold prides himself on his excellent soft tissue manipulation work and his many adjusting techniques that have been researched and proven to be the most effective. His office visits are not a care “express line”; rather a focus of individual treatment. You can expect to see ice, heat, activator, electrical stim and other forms of treatment used in his office. His patients have referred to his treatment as “superior” and show their confidence in him through their continued referrals.