How It Works

Hoosier Chiropractor is a new concept in chiropractic care based in faith and on earning your patronage.

It’s pretty simple:

  • You pay what you can afford
  • You pay what you believe is appropriate for our services
  • Honestly. That’s it.

We believe that if we treat you properly, you’ll treat us properly. It means we earn your business with every phone call, every visit and every treatment.

If we are faithful to Him and faithful to you, we believe you’ll be faithful to us.

Here is how it works we have a box on the wall in which you anonymously place an envelope with your payment.

We realize some of you have no idea what an adjustment is worth. So we did some research and found that the median price in Valparaiso for only an adjustment is $47.50. Some charge less, some more, however, in this office you are the price adjuster. You pay what you believe it is worth to you.

You will notice that some practices here in Porter County have well appointed offices with granite counter tops, exercise equipment, and coffee in the waiting room. When it comes right down to it you are the one paying for all of that overhead. So here at HOOSIER CHIROPACTOR we have leased the smallest office possible to do a competent job.

We have the ability to accept checks or plastic, but we have not found a way to do that without losing your anonymity.

Truly you now can afford ALL of the care you need, not just what the insurance carrier wants to pay.
Dr. Brian