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Have you visited Hoosier Chiropractor before and care to share about your experience? We would appreciate your feedback so we can continue to improve. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for others to learn about our chiropractic care services.

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3 thoughts on “Customer Comments

  1. Mrs Kershner

    Awesome care!!! I have the highest recommendations for dr. Hold. I never felt better when under his care. Honest man. Fabulous adjuster.

  2. Diane Jortner

    When my family doctor told me that he wanted to put me on muscle relaxants for pain shooting down my leg when I would sit for a period of time, I decided to try a different approach. I called Dr. Hold at Hoosier Chiropractor, and he treated me immediately. My pain improved after the first visit! and with the exercises he recommended and a couple of more visits I found myself in less pain, in less stress and accomplishing much more each day.

  3. Bethany

    Dr. Hold has improved my quality of life since I became ill and I love that he does not shy away from those with disabilities; he makes sure he takes his time with each patient and addresses their concerns. In an age where genuine people, business people at that, are few and far between, I give thanks for “Dr. Brian” when I count my blessings! He is deffinetly worth adding to your medical practitioner list! go see him, You won’t be disappointed!


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